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UberWriter is a writing application for markdown

With UberWriter it’s simple to write beautiful documents in Markdown. Oh, you don’t know Markdown yet? Markdown was originally invented by John Gruber, the description for his syntax is here:

But UberWriter goes even further: It utilizes pandoc to do the conversion. Pandoc’s syntax offers even more, so if you really want to jumpstart and utilize every feature of pandoc, here is the link to pandoc’s user documentation:

Please note that I did not yet find the time to finish off my documentation on the markdown subset I find the most important. However, for me personally the most exciting feature is inline .

Tell me: What’s nice about UberWriter?

First of all, it doesn’t give you any preferences. Huh? Yes, I might add some in the future, but for now, it’s kept simple on purpose: It should faciliate your writing and not distract you from your task by searching for the right font (the right font in this case is obviously Ubuntu Mono) or font colors, headline sizes and so on.

It offers a «distraction free» mode (focus mode) that highlights your last sentence and gives you a typewriter-esque feel. UberWriter offers out of the box spellcheck, and a very clean interface. There is a fullscreen mode which gives you a whole, white page.

And the best: Inline Markdown highlighting, because it’s great. Please watch the screencast to see it in action, because words fail to describe it. It’s a remarkable simple idea but works very well.

Through pandoc, it is currently possible to export from UberWriter to pdf, html and rtf.

Oh – bonus pandoc feature: Syntax highlighting and math in html and pdf.

If you want a quick impression how UberWriter looks «in action» here is a short video highlighting some of the features:

Download options

Great news!
You can get uberwriter directly from the ubuntu software center (preferred!). It's only $5. Read here why it's not »gratis« in the USC: Link to Blogpost.

You can also get it through a ppa, because it took longer than expected for the ubuntu team to bring all applications to the software center.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:w-vollprecht/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install uberwriter 

Anyhow, with the ppa you are a first class citizen for receiving updates in the future! Also be assured that I am not including any malicious code — UberWriter doesn't even utilize the internet.
However, since it's open source and hosted on launchpad, you can view the complete source code here: Launchpad Project. Feel free to contribute if you want. That would make me a happy human being.

About me

Hi! My name is Wolf Vollprecht and I am 21 year old ETH student in Zurich. I only recently became interested in developing desktop applications after having spent nearly five years on websites. Ubuntu is the platform I fell in love with and I grew to like the idea of open source software very much.
The ubuntu appshowdown, where this app originates, was a very nice initiative and fun to participate. I made this app not only to become famous (just kidding) but also to give something back and further ubuntu as a platform.
In the future I plan to write some tutorials how this application was made, because from my experience, GTK+ and python-gtk are lacking some documentation. If you enjoy UberWriter you can consider donating via paypal, so I can keep improving it. As a poor student I really do appreciate every amount :)

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Inspiration: Credit where credit is due!

A lot of inspiration for UberWriter comes from iA Writer, which is (sadly) only available for Mac OS X users to this date. However, if you like UberWriter and own a mac, please consider buying iA Writer as I do not want to do any harm to them.
I actually would really like to see the two programs being compatible, as iA Writer is also available for iPad and iPhone. As soon as Dropbox Support comes to UberWriter this might happen.

The future

I am not done with this app, yet! There are a million ideas I still have, for example:

Do you have any ideas? Feel free to send me an email!

Still questions?

If you noticed something wrong, have an idea for improving UberWriter or just want to say hi, feel free to write me an email: Mail. I appreciate every kind of feedback and promise to respond.

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